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Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe

Carrot cake is one of my favorite types of cake! However I have never been very fond of the cream cheese on top of it. And since the traditional Carrot Cake also contains a lot of sugar, and to my disappointment doesn’t taste much like actual carrots at all, I got inspired to create my very own version of a healthier Carrot Cake!

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What is the healthiest TREK bar?

TREK bars are vegan energy bars, made with all natural ingredients. They are free from gluten, wheat, diary and added sugars. They sound pretty healthy to me, so let’s take a look at the nutritional information for the different flavors and find out.


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What is the healthiest Nakd bar?

Nakd bars are definitely one of my favorite snacks! They’re VEGAN bars made from all natural ingredients, without any added sugars, wheat or dairy. They come in loads of different flavors, and all wrapped in pretty colorful packaging! Sounds pretty amazing, huh?!….


But which flavor is the most healthy??? Let’s compare the different bars and find out 🙂

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