What is the best alternative for milk?

Alternatives to milk products, the so called ‘plant based drinks’, are non-dairy milks which are made from plants. Such as almond milk, soy milk, rice milk and oat milk. I have made a calorielist where I will be comparing the various different sorts of alternatives.

milf moneyNo Kim, dairy free only.



For my calorie comparison I have compared various dairy free milk products from the different brands available in my country.

Scroll down for the complete list! If something gives a question mark, it means there was no product information available.






Those were the most popular brands that are being sold locally in my country. It’s interesting how, what seems to be the same product, can differ so much calorie wise..you really can save up on so many calories just by buying the other brand!



Lowest calorie almond milk?……Alpro Unsweetened Almond Drinks!

[either roasted or unroasted]


Lowest calorie coconut milk?……Alpro Coconut Drink Original!


Lowest calorie soy milk?……Alpro Soya Drink Light!



Lowest calorie oat milk?…….Oatly Hafer Drink Bio Organic!


Lowest calorie rice milk?……Dream Rice Drink [Or the organic variant] and Alpro Rice Drink original!



My personal favorites are the Alpro roasted almond unsweetened milk and the AH almond unsweetened milk, mainly because it’s way cheaper than Alpro’s unsweetened milk.



Do you enjoy dairy free milks? Let me know what your favorite plant based drink is in the comments below!


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