Walden Farms products review

You may have heard of the name Walden Farms before.. it’s an American brand that sells so called ”Calorie Free” products, like syrups, coffee creamers, peanut butters, jelly spreads and salad dressings. The products aren’t exactly 0 calories though, they still contain some ”trace calories”.


When I found out about the existence of ”zero calorie” food, I was very excited and curious so I decided to place an order to test a couple of their products.

Zero food calorie… is that even possible? I was feeling a bit skeptical about it. More recently they actually launched some new product wrappers which now claims all products are Near Zero! I’m glad they’re providing more honest nutritional information.


So, for my first order (which was a little while ago so mine still got the old wrappers), I got the following products:


Alfredo Pasta Sauce, Marshmallow Fruit Dip, Peanut Spread, Pancake Syrup, Caramel Syrup and Hickory Smoked Barbecue Sauce.

I never actually tried the Alfredo Pasta Sauce so I will not be able to review that one.

Walden Farms Whipped Peanut Spread Review 


When I first opened it I was very amazed by the smell. It does kinda smell like peanut butter. The texture is quite thin and not like what I’m used to. When I first tasted it I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t believe I was actually tasting peanut butter again, without any calories in it. However after a while it left a really strange aftertaste in my mouth. It definitely tasted a bit chemical. I also tried heating it up and using it as some sort of satay sauce over my vegetables. It was okay-ish, though I feel like I may have overused this product which eventupbrvally made me strongly dislike it, especially because of the weird aftertaste. I think if you’re looking for a zero calorie alternative then this Walden Farms peanut butter is worth it, but if you do not care about calories then taste wise I wouldn’t exactly recommend it.  Rating: 2/5


Walden Farms Caramel Syrup Review

Wow! This definitely smells like caramel! It smells SO friggin’ good! I could smell at this for hours… maybe I did. The color is very vibrant and the texture is exactly what I expected it to be, like a sauce dressing. caramel-insideIt tastes amazing!!! Just like caramel sauce! It’s so sweet and delicious, I cannot believe this barely contains any calories! I’d eat it with anything; plain yoghurt, rice cakes, pieces of green apples…it even tastes amazing when you pour a bit of it into your coffee! If you’re a sweet tooth and love caramel, I caramelrvhighly recommend this product. And even if you aren’t, you’ve definitely got to give this a try!  Rating: 5/5


Walden Farms Hickory Smoked Barbecue Sauce Review


This barbecue sauce surely got a strong, spicy/smoked smell! I’m not sure how to describe it. The texture is a bit runny, which makes it perfect for a salad dressing.hickorysmoked-inside The sauce even got some actual herbs/spices in it, as you may be able to see on the picture. For the taste, I’m surprised it indeed really got a smoky flavor!!!! It’s like I am actually eating a piece of smoked, roasted meat which just came straight off of the barbecue! I’ve never really tried a regular barbecue sauce before but I imagine this is exactly what it is supposed to taste like. It tastes very good! I enjoy eating this with salad, but also use it as hickorysmokedrva dip for some chopped vegetables, like carrots. I would recommend this sauce. But again just like with the peanut butter, use it in moderation and do not eat it too
often, as you may get sick of the taste of it after a while. Rating: 4/5


Walden Farms Pancake Syrup Review


The Pancake syrup is probably the most popular product by Walden Farms. I have read a lot of positive reviews on this, so my expectations are high. It smells really sweet! The texture is just like any other liquid syrup, but it is on the runny side though. I believe the caramel syrup was a bit thicker. The syrup’s color is kinda ‘see through’, it reminds me of agave syrup or honey, while the caramel one had a really solid color. [The sauce is not sticky as agave or honey is.] Sadly I do not have any pictures of the product’s texture. The taste however is GREAT! Another amazing product by Walden Farms. It slightly gives a chemical after taste but far less than the peanut butter, almost unnoticeable. I like to put it on my pancakes as the name suggests, pancakervbut I also like adding it to my oats, yoghurt, rice cakes, apple slices, etc…really it tastes absolutely delicious! I definitely recommend this product, since the taste is good and it’s again shocking that it contains near to zero calories! Rating: 5/5


Walden Farms Marshmallow Fruit Dip Review


I was extremely excited to try this product, because I really like Marshmallow Fluff but as we all know it’s basically pure sugar. Therefore I’ve been very curious to find out about this zero calorie and sugar free variant! When I first heard of this product I knew I had to try this. At first glance, the texture seems a bit odd. It’s nothing like the originial Marshmallow Fluff at all. It reminds me of cottage cheese somehow. Or more like pudding maybe. However it smells incredibly sweet! It really smells very good. And the taste…… HOLY GUACAMOLY.. I am sold! It’s amazing! I love this Marshmarshmallow-toastmallow dip SO much! I honestly can’t believe how good this tastes. It’s definitely my new food addiction… I could eat this straight from the jar! It also tastes AMAZING when you use it as a toast spread [see photo], pancake topping, mix it through your porridge, eat it with fruits, or on a rice cake…the possibilities are endless! marshmallowrvUnbelievable. It’s just SO good…with anything really! Yup I am officially in love with Walden Farms Marshmallow dip! Rating: 5/5


Well, those were all Walden Farms products I reviewed for now. I definitely will be reviewing more products by this company in the future. I’m a huge fan of their products! Have you ever tried any of their product, or will you be trying any of them after having read my review? What do you think…is it worth it?! Let me know in the comments below!!!

And thanks for reading 🙂

This article was not sponsored by Walden Farms. It was a 100% personal review. Pictures by me. However, I’m always interested in a sponsorship or collaboration.


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