What is the healthiest Nakd bar?

Nakd bars are definitely one of my favorite snacks! They’re VEGAN bars made from all natural ingredients, without any added sugars, wheat or dairy. They come in loads of different flavors, and all wrapped in pretty colorful packaging! Sounds pretty amazing, huh?!….


But which flavor is the most healthy??? Let’s compare the different bars and find out 🙂

Sometimes I really like going for a certain product flavor which is the lowest in calories, so that’s why I am going to be comparing the products sorted on calories.


As you can see is the lowest calorie Nakd bar option the Oatie Banana Bread bar, which contains just 94 calories per bar. This option is not gluten free however, the lowest calorie gluten free bar is the Banana Crunch bar for 103 calories.



Lowest fat Nakd bar?…..apricot crunch!


Lowest carb Nakd bar?…..Ginger bread!!


Highest protein Nakd bar?……it’s a tie! The most porteins are found in the following flavors: Apple Crunch, Strawberry Crunch, Cocoa Crunch and Banana Crunch.


Conclusion… I think the healthiest option would be the Banana Crunch bar since it’s low in calories and high in proteins. But all of Nakd bars are quite healthy in my opinion, so no harm in trying all the different flavors from time to time… 🙂

Have you ever had a Nakd bar? And what is your favorite flavor? Let me know in the comments!!!!

I have only tried a few different flavors so far, but I really love the Apple crunch bar, Cashew cookie bar and Pecan pie bar! I really can’t wait to find out about the other flavors in the future.

[This post was not sponsored by Nakd…I just really like Nakd. But of course I would really like to receive free products so I could review them on my blog haha]



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